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Award winning pool Brookfield Brisbane

Swimming Pool & Spa Services

We'll give your swimming pool a total makeover and turn it into a cheerful and entertaining area once again.

Brisbane Swimming Pool Renovations
& Brisbane Spa Renovations

Know your pool is in need of attention? We can help you with:

Pool interior resurfacing and repairs

Coping replacement and repairs

Surrounding walkways

New plant and equipment

Leaking pools

Pressure testing

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Pool Renovations

Pre-purchase pool inspections

Are you looking at purchasing a property with a swimming pool? You have probably organised a building inspection and a pest inspection, but what about the pool?

During an inspection we perform a number of non-invasive tests, including:

Checking the current condition of the filtration plant and equipment

Assessing whether the sizing of equipment is sufficient for the pool
Checking for signs of leaking - cracks in the pool or pipework etc.

These tests will tell us if the pool has any potential problems. If you are not aware of them, problems such as the pool leaking can be very costly to repair as well as cause underlying problems to foundations.

We offer two types of pre-purchase inspections:

Verbal Report

We meet with you on site, perform our tests and inspections and let you know our thoughts – good or bad – on the day. A verbal report can be made into a written report if problems are discovered.

Written Report

Includes everything in the verbal report, with a written report of our findings.

This can be given to the owner to discuss, and perhaps negotiate on price of property.

Pre-purchase inspections

Swimming Pool & Spa

Repairs & Equipment

We can ensure that you have the correct plant and equipment operating your swimming pool to keep everything running efficiently with minimum manual labour. We can supply, fit and repair equipment including:

Swimming pool pumps 

Sand filters

Heat pumps (to keep you warm all year round)

Pool covers ( to eliminate evaporation)

Magna systems

WSSPS can supply and install all your swimming pool equipment needs.

It is not uncommon when a pool is first built for the equipment to be undersized, to ensure the project comes in on budget. This can really cost you more in the long run. 

With the correct sized filtration and pumps, the pool will run more efficiently with less maintenance for the homeowner. You may even find there are more efficient models on the current market!

Repairs & Equipment
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